• Artist Statement This piece was inspired by a combination of the recent casting of a black Hermione Granger in the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and the all black cast in […]
  • Editor’s note: This piece is intended for mature audiences. In this two-minute video, artist Dana Dal Bo reenacts poses associated with hysteria in the late 19th century. The piece was posted online on […]
  • FEELS LIKE SPAM from Keaton Fox on Vimeo. I made FEELS LIKE SPAM as a reaction to a warning I had received via Tinder. The language that was used was really […]
  • Island Fishing is a video loop created from digitally composited, handmade, stop-motion animations. It uses traditional Japanese kirigami forms (cut-and-glue origami) to manipulate depictions of human bodies as represented in free […]

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