• Removed avails performance, portraiture, and photography to question the physical utility of personal devices and the ways they influence society, relationships, and the body. The photographed scenes are derived from […]
  • Gesture consists of a series of drawings derived from press photographs of world leaders’ handshakes. These gestures mainly exist to be photographed, sending a rather cryptic message into the world. […]
  • Christine Lucy Latimer’s videos explore the movement between film and video, navigating the disparate quality and temporality of the two mediums. In Mosaic she uses footage of a digitally scrambled cable TV kickboxing […]
  • Archives are repositories of the past orientated towards the future and creation of cultural memory. Up until recently, most digital archives for new media art were products of established museums […]
  • The Perfect Soldier is a performance piece that explores the connection between personality traits and the human soldier. Throughout history, the ideal of the perfect soldier was of an individual […]

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