Mr. Robot | Andrew Jones

“The darkest timeline” is a phrase that became famous during an episode of Dan Harmon’s classic television series, Community. In “Remedial Chaos Theory” (season 3, episode 4), a number of alternate realities are introduced as the show’s main characters roll dice to decide who gets to pick up the pizza…


A Moon Shaped Pool | Damian Hondares

Everyone has one of those formative moments in life, when they suddenly come to the realization that, in that moment, of all the infinitesimal moments in the entropy of the universe, they will begin to become the person they ultimately choose to become. For some, that moment of enlightenment comes…


Spectre: A Review | Michael Leonberger

How can one seriously advocate a love of James Bond in 2016? The martini-swilling, tuxedo-sporting, murderous womanizer of the Cold War is now made up in the popular imagination as equal parts parody and awful colonialist-conservative ideology. Namely, might makes right, with regards to foreigners and women, their own agency…