Director Meghan Rosatelli holds a PhD in Media, Art, and Text from Virginia Commonwealth University and teaches courses in 20th and 21st century American culture and digital culture at the University of Richmond. She works in digital interpretation at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.


Head Curator Izzy Pezzulo studies Visual Art and Media Practice at the University of Richmond. Izzy’s interests and work range from sound art and experimental filmmaking to the archive and social movements. When not immersing herself in the the print shop, Izzy bakes sourdough bread and goes backpacking in the Appalachian mountains.


Senior Editor Miranda Rosenblum is a student at the University of Richmond studying American Studies and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. Miranda loves listening to people’s life stories and reading/watching/supporting anything created by queer folks. Some of Miranda’s favorite things include: thrift store sweaters, social justice movements, and a good book.


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Senior Editor Jessica Mairena studies Studio Art, English and Psychology at the University of Richmond. She is a visual art enthusiast who loves drawing, sculpting, and anything art book. All that aside, Jessica is incredibly obsessed with the show Bob’s Burgers, vocalist FKA Twigs, and meeting every small dog within a five mile radius.


Content Editor Irene Chang studies studio art at the University of Richmond. She spends her days contemplating whether someday she will be able to paint a rhinosaur with an elephant. However for now, she tinkers with coding and has fun with digital art.


Content Editor Vi Trinh studies Studio Art and Leadership at the University of Richmond.  She loves drawing and painting, and is currently trying to pick up as many mediums as humanly possible.  Super powers include: flower crown weaving, random nature facts, and telling bad jokes.