Daniel Fandino is a history graduate student at the University of Central Florida. His interests include US-Asian relations, pop culture, the virtual histories of online games and the role of technology in the study of history. He is currently living in Taipei and enjoys blogging about his encounters with the mysterious and the mundane at [link no longer active].





Gomez Jr. is a multi-media artist, curator and independent scholar based in Baltimore, Maryland. His research interests include popular and digital culture, and the intersection between technology and mysticism. He is currently writing and illustrating a short book on art and influence, producing a second collection of solo music under the moniker of CANNIBAL BOOM, researching issues of death in the digital age, and freelancing for Fangoria magazine. He holds a PhD in Media, Art & Text from Virginia Commonwealth University (2013), and an MFA in painting and drawing from University of Houston (2009). He continues to perform and exhibit nationally.  & & you can follow him @theIKZ.

Michael Leonberger is a filmmaker, a writer, and a horror movie enthusiast. A graduate of the VCUarts Cinema Department, he is responsible for the short film Hair Grows In Funny Places VIMEO (the tragicomic love story between a werewolf and a dominatrix), and has recently embarked on his first feature film, Oh, and he just self-published his first novel, Halloween Sweets.







Damian Hondares
is an American studies and journalism double major at UR. He enjoys going on lengthy, acerbic diatribes that elicit humorously vehement responses from passionate readers. He considers himself an aficionado of all things Batman, absolutely loves Bill Murray, and according to his girlfriend is much too dramatic for his own good. After graduation, he hopes to go into teaching.






Andrew Jones
 is a recent graduate of the University of Richmond’s Class of 2014 with a Major in American Studies and History. A member of the DigA team since its inception, he is the co-founder of Forum Magazine, an award-winning student publication, and is currently a postgraduate researcher at UR. On any given Saturday, you can find him grooving to Fleetwood Mac at the local record store, reading a Stephen Ambrose book by the James River (currently D-Day), or solving the world’s problems through witty reddit comments.






Miranda Rosenblum is a student at the University of Richmond majoring in American Studies with a concentration in Oral History and minoring in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. She loves listening to people’s life stories, reading about queer theory, and listening to indie/folk music (preferably live). Some of her favorite things are tea, thrift store sweaters, social justice movements, and a good book. After graduation, she aspires to join the Peace Corps.






Izzy Pezzulo studies studio art and geography at the University of Richmond. In her non-existent free time, Izzy likes to bike around Richmond on the bike she made named Burnham. When not animating or making soundscapes in front of a screen, Izzy hosts an independent radio show and does trail work in the White Mountains.

Keaton Fox

Keaton Fox is a multidisciplinary artist whose work distorts and reflects the varied realities of the information age. With child-like curiosity, Fox creates that blah blah blah the digital world in which technology L@ !LA !LA_ the perceptual effects of la di da_da data # data big large data :@! f ^~/&& the evolut10110111000n of> h(top://)uman memories, communicate?on syst3ms, and identities… She received her BFA in art video from Syracuse University. She has been exhibited nationally, internationally, physically and digitally, and currently lives/ works in Detroit, USA.




Kevin Johnson is a journalism major at University of Richmond. He is frequently at record stores in the area, and likes to play music on the radio and with others. Kevin’s interests revolve around arts, media, politics and entertainment, but are not limited to those topics. Kevin is looking forward to what the future has to offer.

Past Contributors

Jane Ninivaggi recently completed a year long Academic Research Project examining social media’s role in terrorist recruitment and the potential formation of the American equivalent of the “British Jihadi Network”. Currently, Jane is a high school student at the University Liggett School in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and will attend Barnard College next year. She is interested in studying human rights and political science.

Kenta Murakami is an undergraduate, aspiring art theorist. His web browser typically has 20+ open tabs and his phone tends to go straight to voicemail. If not online, one can hope to find him rock climbing in Kentucky or hiking in the Pacific Northwest. Kenta’s Flickr.