Digital America is interested in pushing the boundaries of online publishing. We publish critical essays, film, art, design, and process work that question, analyze, and/or hack the tools of digital culture.

We believe that Millennials have a unique perspective as they engage digital culture socially, professionally, creatively, and theoretically. The tools of digitization and the subsequent culture erupting from those tools are fueled by young thinkers and creators, and many of their decisions will impact all of our lives.

There are a few ways you can get involved
  • Students (or Millennial thinkers/tinkers) can submit work independently to (see guidelines below). Feature submissions are published in November and April. Columns are published twice per month.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to utilize the journal platform as an exhibition space or platform for student work.
What we want:

Essays, film, audio, multi-media, and new media pieces that engage digital art and/or culture with an eye toward the American experience. We encourage creative responses to these parameters as we understand the complexities of engaging “America” in a global, networked world.

How we want it:

Send all contributions to Please include a title page or title card with the author’s name, age, location, and (if applicable) university, plus an e-mail address to which edited text and correspondence will be sent. In a separate document, please include a short bio with either a bio image or a representative image for the submission (high res images only). Please include two to five keywords or tags for searching online (preferably not words already used in the title). Also, please adhere to our standard naming conventions: lastname_firstname_genre

  • Texts – 400-5000 words. Word document, double-spaced. Chicago Style (16th Edition).
  • Commentary – 400-1200 words. Word document, double-spaced. Chicago Style (16th Edition). All commentary should be the sole opinion of the author.
  • Audio, film, images – 300 dpi .jpeg file for images. MPEG, MOV or Quicktime file for films or a link to YouTube, etc. High quality MP3s for audio files.

If your submission is too big to send via email, just upload your documents to a file sharing site and copy the link to your submission email.

Copyright and other slightly important disclaimers:

Contributors are responsible for securing any required copyright permissions. (Have a group project? Everyone in the group must clear the piece before it’s published. Using an image? You must clear it with the author.) Hyperlinks do not require copyright permissions. Image captions must include appropriate credits and permissions. You can control how copyright is utilized for your own work. Chose what Creative Commons protections you require of your piece, and we publish your work with the appropriate license.

Our journal seeks to promote student and post-student work as a creative and critical process. You are free to publish your work in any other venue you choose, despite it being featured on our site. We do not own or claim rights to any of the work we publish, although publishing with Digital America grants us permission to archive your work upon selection, to reformat your work (if necessary), and to use your work for promotional purposes.

Submit your piece to Digital America by Tuesday, March 20th to be considered for Issue 11.