Screen | Josh Gumiela

In Screen, Josh Gumiela uses an interactive video to reflect on the challenges immigrants have to face in pursuit of naturalization in the U.S. It contains 100 naturalization practice test questions provided by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on YouTube. The videos are loaded pseudo-randomly and streamed from YouTube in…

Point Zero | Dho Yee Chung

In Point Zero (2019), Artist Dho Yee Chung generates digital prototypes of human figures. She isolates the viewer from human skin by creating layers of screen, disassociating the human body from its digitized form. These layers suggest society uses masks to guard against digital norms. Like skin, screens are surfaces…

A Response To True Match | Kate Wiley

In the first thirty seconds of Andrea Mikysková’s True Match (2017), the viewer is rapidly confronted with imagery of our highly developed, global world. Abrupt alarms and whistling horns signal the beginning of a work day and positions social media—the stated subject of the piece—firmly within the realm of business….