Director Dr. Meghan Rosatelli teaches courses in 20th and 21st century American culture, digital culture and digital and internet arts at the University of Richmond.


Head Curator Kate Wiley studies art history and archaeology at the University of Richmond. As the 2019-20 curatorial assistant at UR Museums, she is co-curating two shows with executive director Richard Waller. She is also researching Andy Goldsworthy’s work for her senior thesis.


Content Curator/Editor Alexis Angelus is a senior studying Journalism and Politics/Philosophy/Economics/Law at the University of Richmond. When she’s not working as a marketing associate in the A&S Communications Department and  managing social media for the school newspaper, Alexis enjoys photography and playing with PhotoShop and Illustrator.


Web and Design Manager Vincent Camp is a Computer Science major and a Visual Media and Performing Arts minor. He is pursuing a career in game development & design and is currently creating a Virtual Reality art gallery for the University of Richmond.


Content Curator/Marketing and Communications Manager Imani Shackelford is a Visual Media Arts Practice major and Latin & Iberian Studies minor at the University of Richmond.  Working as a marketing assistant in both A&S Communications Department and the Weinstein Center for Recreation, Imani enjoys creating and editing digital signage, art, logos, and various designs. She enjoys working with the Adobe Creative Suite and Procreate to create art.


Social Media and Outreach Manager Sarah Taylor is a Business Administration and Marketing Major at The University of Richmond. She is interested in pursing a career in Media Marketing.  Outside of school, Sarah loves to find the best new restaurants and places to shop.


UX/UI Developer and Content Curator Wenqi Xiao is a Computer Science and Visual Media Arts Practice double-major at University of Richmond. She’s interested in the interdisciplinary areas between these two subjects.


UX/UI Designer Wenyu Tang is a senior major in Biochemistry and minor in Visual Arts at University of Richmond. She has 2-year experience of working in computation lab. She is interested in learning website design and maintenance.


Editor Nícolas Silva is a Journalism senior from Brazil at the University of Richmond in an exchange program.
He loves sports, television and broadcasting, and when he’s not pursuing his career on on one of those, he’s likely trying to learn something new.


Former Teams

Spring 2019 – Hannah Grow, Lilah Henry, Rachel Hull, Nico King, Alice Millerchimp, Georgia Morely, Kaori Tachibana, Vi Trinh

Fall 2018 – Rachel Bochner, Yuwei Lin, Haley Overlander, Vi Trinh

Spring 2018 – Rachel Bochner, Irene Chang, Jessica Mairena, Izzy Pezzulo, Miranda Rosenblum, Vi Trinh

Fall 2017 – Irene Chang, Nene Diallo, Jessica Mairena, Izzy Pezzulo, Alex Song

Spring 2017  – Dominique Brown, Kevin Johnson, Jessica Mairena, Miranda Rosenblum

Fall 2016 – Damian Hondares, Jessica Mairena, Izzy Pezzulo, Miranda Rosenblum

Spring 2016 – Luriel Balaurea, Sharon Liu, Miranda Rosenblum

Fall 2015 – Damian Hondares, Izzy Pezzulo, Miranda Rosenblum

Spring 2015 – Damian Hondares, Dillon Massey, Kenta Murakami

Fall 2014 – Damian Hondares, Kenta Murakami, Di Yang

Spring 2014 – Andrew Jones, Hayley Mojica, Francesca Lyn

Fall 2013 – Robert Agaba, Amber Battle, Andrew Jones

Spring 2013 – Vicky Defreitas, Patrick Gwozdz, Andrew Jones, Celia Landesberg, Sam Lerner, Jorien Meijer