Director Dr. Meghan Rosatelli teaches courses in 20th and 21st century American culture, digital culture and digital and internet arts at the University of Richmond.

Chief Art Curator & Marketing and Design Manager Luke Malcynsky is a senior at the University of Richmond, where he is majoring in Communications and minoring in Visual and Media Arts. Luke’s hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, and creating art — especially digital design and illustration.

Art Curator and Editor Corrine Manderino is a sophomore at the University of Richmond studying Theatre, Art, and Arts Management. She is passionate about the restorative power of art, and has recently been fascinated by the recycling of common themes across time and space. In her free time, Corrine enjoys illustration, singing, and backyard birdwatching.

Art Curator and Editor Que Peterson is a senior majoring in Visual Arts and minoring in Film Studies at the University of Richmond.  She focuses primarily in video and sound art, with a fascination of using visuals to enhance the experience of live music.

Art Curator and Editor Ellie Holdsworth is a junior majoring in Global Studies with a concentration in Politics/Government and double minoring in Entrepreneurship and Visual Arts at the University of Richmond. She has always had a passion for art and design and enjoys teaching herself how to create digital art on both Adobe Photoshop and Procreate.

UX/UI Designer Tra My Anderson is a sophomore double majoring in French and Film Studies and minoring in Visual Arts at the University of Richmond.  She is passionate about languages, film, photography, and graphic design.

Marketing and Communication Kyle Gardner is a junior majoring in film studies. He works along side professional athletes in the NFL and NBA shooting and producing social and digital content.

UX/UI Designer Andrew Hamilton is a junior student-athlete at the University of Richmond majoring in Visual Media and minoring in Entrepreneurship. Andrew is interested in several fields of design and is always looking to be creative.

UX/UI Designer Alex McDonald is a senior student at the University of Richmond who is majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Entrepreneurship.

Former Teams

Spring 2020 – Alexis Angelus, Luke Malcynsky, Yangyang Chen, Truitt Dill, Meg Carroll, Gabi Williams, Frances Gichner, Wenqi Xiao,

Fall 2019 – Alexis Angelus, Kate Wiley, Nícolas Silva, Wenyu Tang, Wenqi Xiao, Sarah Taylor, Imani Shackelford, Vincent Camp

Spring 2019 – Hannah Grow, Lilah Henry, Rachel Hull, Nico King, Alice Millerchimp, Georgia Morely, Kaori Tachibana, Vi Trinh

Fall 2018 – Rachel Bochner, Yuwei Lin, Haley Overlander, Vi Trinh

Spring 2018 – Rachel Bochner, Irene Chang, Jessica Mairena, Izzy Pezzulo, Miranda Rosenblum, Vi Trinh

Fall 2017 – Irene Chang, Nene Diallo, Jessica Mairena, Izzy Pezzulo, Alex Song

Spring 2017  – Dominique Brown, Kevin Johnson, Jessica Mairena, Miranda Rosenblum

Fall 2016 – Damian Hondares, Jessica Mairena, Izzy Pezzulo, Miranda Rosenblum

Spring 2016 – Luriel Balaurea, Sharon Liu, Miranda Rosenblum

Fall 2015 – Damian Hondares, Izzy Pezzulo, Miranda Rosenblum

Spring 2015 – Damian Hondares, Dillon Massey, Kenta Murakami

Fall 2014 – Damian Hondares, Kenta Murakami, Di Yang

Spring 2014 – Andrew Jones, Hayley Mojica, Francesca Lyn

Fall 2013 – Robert Agaba, Amber Battle, Andrew Jones

Spring 2013 – Vicky Defreitas, Patrick Gwozdz, Andrew Jones, Celia Landesberg, Sam Lerner, Jorien Meijer