For the students—thank you

University of Richmond students are an integral part of Digital America’s publication. For our 20th issue, we’re dedicating a special section to highlight the past student team members, artists, and contributors to Digital America over the years. We’re grateful for two new pieces from Vi Trinh and Julia Eldred, and two in-depth interviews about their past published work from Kenta Murakami and Andrew Jones. These are just a few of the many former UR students that have contributed their remarkable work to Digital America. Each semester students come into this “class” with (often) little knowledge of digital, internet and post-internet art, or the origins of our digital landscape. They also come through the doors of our media lab having never published an arts journal. Every issue is a monumental effort and reflection of their learning and dedication to the artists and writers we publish. So, thank you to all of the students past and present.

(Each team leaves their mark on the issue they produce. Check out our Evolution section to see how each group of students interpreted their time working on Digital America.)

Former Students in Issue 20:

Paperdolls | Julia Eldred

Q+A | Kenta Murakami

Cyber Soldiers in Cyber Houses | Vi Trinh

Q+A | Vi Trinh

Q+A | Andrew Jones

If you want to check out other past University of Richmond artists please visit our Team Page.