Issue no. 18

The quick guide to Issue no. 18, published on November, 15 2021:


Yosemite | Jenna DeBoisblanc
+ Response to Yosemite | Kathleen Firment

A Butterfly in the Cloud | Eryk Salvaggio
+ Response to A Butterfly in the Cloud | Jenna Donaldson

Chrysanthemum | Morgan Jenks

Acts in Translation | Dalena Tran
+ Response to Acts in Translation | Ali Mills

Mourning in Your Local Time | Samantha Blumenfeld

Avenue S | Jody Zellen

An Incomplete Diary of Covid Complaints | Peter Christenson, Lester Black & Others

Heavy-Eyed Tyrants and Boring Machine Operators | Kailum Graves

All They Can | Zoe Chronis

I’m your pixelpleasure | Zander Porter



Jenna deBoisblanc | Q+A

Jody Zellen | Q+A

Morgan Jenks | Q+A

Peter Christenson and Lester Black | Q+A

Zoe Chronis | Q+A