Izzy Pezzulo

Izzy_headshotIzzy Pezzulo studies Visual Art and Media Practice at the University of Richmond. Izzy’s interests and work range from sound art and experimental filmmaking to the archive and social movements. When not immersing herself in the the print shop, Izzy bakes sourdough bread and goes backpacking in the Appalachian mountains.


Check out some of her recent contributions to Digital America:

“Resurrecting the Patchwork Girl” — response to The Pain Index: https://www.digitalamerica.org/response-to-the-pain-index-izzy-pezzulo/

“Ghost City” — soundscape: https://www.digitalamerica.org/ghost-city-izzy-pezzulo/

“Origin Story” — experimental video collage: https://www.digitalamerica.org/origin-story-izzy-pezzulo/

“What’s In A Name? My (non)Internet Presence, and Involvement With Cooper Union” — column: https://www.digitalamerica.org/whats-in-a-name-my-noninternet-presence-and-involvement-with-cooper-union-izzy-pezzulo/