Crooked Data

Public Dissentiment | Derek Curry

Public Dissentiment is an online tool that helps protestors negatively impact the price of a publicly traded stock by using the same sentiment analysis tools used by stock trading algorithms. In the contemporary stock markets, high-frequency trading bots that continuously buy and sell stocks perform the role of market makers….

Public Dissentiment: A Brief Manifesto | Jessica Mairena

A BRIEF MANIFESTO OF PUBLIC DISSENTIMENT   THE PURPOSE OF PUBLIC DISSENTIMENT IS TO ARTICULATE AND CONSTRUCT OPPOSITION. The sentiment of the corporate hierarchical elite is not congruent with the sentiment of the public. Their motives are not our motives. Our dissentimentality drives us to remain independent and opposed to…

Sea Change & Tide | Daniel Alexander Smith

Sea Change (2015) addresses how computers manipulate our perceptions of nature. In this video, the artist creates a mathematical model of the water’s movement. As the ripples turn to data, the calming nature of the water becomes disorienting as it’s no longer tied to wind or the movement of oars….

It looks like Mars | Joe Reinsel

It looks like Mars | Joe Reinsel

It looks like Mars (2016) explores how computers interpret and reconstruct image data of the human body. The three images in this series are the result of a 3D scan of the artist’s body. The scanning software stitched together ninety-six images to create a model of the artist and applied…