Issue No. 16

The quick guide to Issue no. 16, published on November 16, 2020:


Deconstructing Whiteness | Avital Meshi
+ Response to Deconstructing Whiteness | Que Peterson

If i’m gay | Corrine Manderino

Sounds That Divide Us | Julia Fairbrother
+ Response to Sounds That Divide Us| Ellie Holdsworth

Exponential Growth | Eric Souther and Andrew Deutsch

Financial accessibility to calm our apocalyptic anxieties | Dahlia Bloomstone

Limen | Tra My Anderson

Listen to Big Data | Dong Yuxiang

Edgelands | Jonathan Hanahan

VIRONOMICON | Eric Millikin



Avital Meshi | Q+A

Dahlia Bloomstone | Q+A 

Eric Millikin | Q+A

Eric Souther | Q+A

Jonathan Hanahan | Q+A



Issue No. 16 Evolution | Andrew Hamilton

Update to Gazing| Li Zhongkai