Limen | Tra My Anderson

In Limen, a piece named after the Latin etymological origin of “liminal,” Tra My Anderson examines the connection between physical space and digitized space. Combining the aesthetics of liminal space and empty digital spaces, such as empty or broken video game maps, this piece explores the ways physical and digital spaces can illicit the same type of emotionality. What is our psychological connection to space as a concept where feelings of loneliness and discomfort can arise from both physical and digitally constructed spaces? Is there any greater inherent value to the emotions felt through real experiences versus those felt through digitally constructed ones? The artist attempts to answer these questions through the creation of a space of contemplation, where the viewer is invited to reflect on the way the digital environment affects their emotional state.



Tra My Anderson is a French and Film Studies double major at the University of Richmond. She is interested in graphic design and digital art, and working with Digital America has further developed her appreciation for cybernetic and web-based art genres in particular.

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