Issue no. 22

The quick guide to Issue no. 22, published December 5, 2023.


Patient Object | Terry Cole 
+ Response to Patient Object | Emma C. Johnson

Marketing Keeled Free Web Like a Storm | Benna Gaean Maris
+ Response to Marketing Keeled Free Web Like a Storm | Quintarius Jefferies

Believe in us but not too much | Adrian Pijoan 

dead account | Denver Nuckolls 
+ Response to dead account | Sarah Wirth

Cruft | Robert Spahr

Occupation | Coalfather Industries
+ Response to Occupation | Tenzin Tseyki (coming soon!)

making sense of what pieces were left | Lu Gibson

./configure | Bryan Valdes

Deliberate Decoding | Ellen Hart

Goodbye Payton | Emily d’Achiardi 
+ Response to Goodbye Payton | Emma C. Johnson


Terry Cole

Benna Gaean Maris

Adrian Pijoan

Denver Nuckolls

Robert Spahr 

Coalfather Industries

Lu Gibson

Emily d’Achiardi


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