“./configure” (2023) is a series of crude and binary video collages that are meant to be a digital mirror to the transient nature of biological human remembrance. The visuals for these video collages were created by using a Linux shell script to first interpret the visual data in the original videos as sound data, “mangling” said sound data using SOX (a command-line audio editing software), then reconfiguring the altered sound data back into visuals using the initial Linux shell script. The audio was generated by running the original videos through “AudioPaint”, which is a program that generates tones based on visual data such as Brightness, Hue, and Saturation.








Bryan Valdes is an interdisciplinary artist from Richmond, Virginia. He is a current fourth year student at the University of Richmond. In digital media, he has a strong fascination with the visual language of distortion, and how distortion can reflect different aspects of the human experience. In print-based media, he utilizes vibrancy to convey the energy he seeks when working with digital media. When not creating, he enjoys surrounding himself with other creatives and spending time with his friends/family.