Living in Between | Maryam Khaleghi Yazdi

Maryam Khaleghi Yazdi’s Living in Between (2019) represents the political, cultural, and racial barriers migrants face. Each illustration depicts an aspect of a migrant’s unpredictable future, asking viewers to experience the anxieties and uncertainties inherent to a migrant’s experience. In its original gallery form, audience members receive a lottery ticket that directs them toward one of these illustrations as their “fortune.”



Click on each image to animate it.

See Maryam Khaleghi Yazdi’s Q+A.


Maryam Khaleghi Yazdi is an Iranian Graphic Designer who loves exploring. In every work of art, she is seeking to explore and create a fresh and new aspect, and therefore she chose Graphic Design so with each new order, she can meet new experiences. This feature has led Maryam to take different roads in all areas of Graphic Design and Media; from Illustration to UI Design, from Poster to Packaging Design, and at last from Logo Design to Painting. Currently, Maryam is exploring her identity as a person who has migrated from Iran to the United States. Indeed, she is applying illustration as a vehicle to expose her state as a person who lives between two different cultures.

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