For his series of haunting photographs taken in Grand Theft Auto V, Morten Rockford Ravn embarks on a dérive to GTA‘s fictional state of San Andreas. Using in-game technology, he roams the city and produces beautiful, haunting, gritty street photography. He captures the emotional depths of poverty, of loss, of alienation, pain, and suffering among the digitized residents of GTA‘s fictional wasteland.

Also see Damian Hondares’ response to Ravn’s photographs.


morten_rockford_ravnMorten Rockford Ravn is a professional poker player-turned-artist who explores themes of chaos theory, alienation, and the dichotomy of darkness and light through his multi-disciplinary practice, which is underpinned by an optimistic sense of potential transcendentalism. He works with mediums ranging from painting and photography to sculpture and digital media. His work has been highlighted by media outlets like VICE, BBC, and ZEIT. Since he started showing his work in early 2015, he has held solo exhibitions in a variety of spaces, ranging from a former mental hospital to traditional white cube galleries in Copenhagen and Berlin.