when the seasons change, my feelings change prompts the audience to reflect on the cycle of human life through the Kubler-Ross model of grief. A collaborative effort by five designers from Virginia Commonwealth University, the immersive VR experience draws the player into a colorful and geometric environment. Through the experience, the player is encouraged to draw connections between environment and emotion.

See Aliyah Decker’s Q+A here.




Aliyah Decker: Concept Design, 3d Asset Design, Video Documentation

New Media Artist and Kinetic Imaging student who is interested in making abstract concepts into a physical reality. Fascinated with frustration, empathy, quiet, and boxes


Caitlin Dinoia: Concept Assistant, 3d Asset Development, Video Documentation

Currently a senior in Kinetic Imaging with an interest in Virtual/Augmented Reality animation and creating immersive, 360-based works


Michael Shea: Concept Assistant, Environment Design/Modeling, Texture Artist, Lookdev, Title Design Kinetic

Imaging senior with interests in digital image manipulation, motion capture, and audio visualization.



El Tucker: Concept Assistant, Programmer

Third-year computer science major interested in designing games and making software tools for creative individuals.



Tay Williams: Concept Design, Environment Design, Sound editing

Kinetic Imaging senior interested in 3d modeling/gaming, directing, animation, and sound design.