Judith Sönnicken’s Google Gardening replicates the street view function within Google Maps in which panoramas try to mirror the physical experience of a place. Situated in the Googleplex’s Garden, a physical representation of the search engine, humanoids enter the scene and begin planting foreign species into the landscape. The viewer follows their activities by using the arrows to rotate. The travelers’ presence and their ability to change, only through trespassing, the actual landscape of Google digs into the paradox that exists between privatization and the equal accessibility of information.

See a response to Google Gardening here. 


judith sonnicken

Judith Sönnicken (*1981) is a visual artist, dimensional athlete and ancient cosmologist. She holds an MA in Fine Arts from the University of the Arts Berlin and certifications in UX, Usui Reiki and Feng Shui. Her practice implies objects, virtual reality, eco-performances, geomancy,  biofield tuning, and guided meditation. In 2017, she co-founded Befriending Hyperobjects, a performative interaction with non-human entities in digital and analog geographies.