10 yrs. Later is a sound art piece that explores the intersections of history and the presence and absence of community soundscapes lost.  The featured neighborhood was struck by the 2008 housing crisis and several parts of its four-square miles are abandoned.  Edinger walks throughout the neighborhood describing abandoned homes while engaging all the senses in her description.  An uneasiness slowly fills the soundscape as the recording continues, a result of all too perfect sounds surrounding a completely human voice.  10 yrs Later causes us to meditate on the living history of abandoned places.


Carrie Ida Edinger’s interdisciplinary practice investigate cross-discipline approaches and new media. Carrie Ida’s focus with these inquiries can be seen in her current projects and writings. She was a 2015 opinion columnist for Anthropology News with her column entitled Crossing Disciplines: Art and Anthropology. The New Media Caucus (NMC) publishing platforms, Media-N Journal and the HUB blog, are other sources for her contemporary art writings. As a participatory element, her public raffle concept was included in the Spring 2016 On the Line program. On the Line is part of the University of California, Riverside and the Community of Riverside programming that includes art, performance, and research to explore ecology and clotheslines. Her Collection Project was included in OUT OF CONTEXT an online exhibition curated by Heit & Haikes with a limited engagement for Philly Tech Week 2017.