plant whispering | Izzy Pezzulo

plant whispering is a sound piece made for plants. Izzy Pezzulo is interested in making sound art for all beings, sentient or otherwise. Pezzulo asks many questions of these plants, both humorous and existential. plant whispering comes out of an interest in ASMR, our relationship to plants, and how we might theoretically communicate with them.

This work is best experienced with headphones and perhaps with a few plants nearby.



Isabella “Izzy” Pezzulo is an artist based in Richmond, VA. She works primarily in video and sound, but her interdisciplinary practice also includes printmaking and installation.

Currently, her work brings together appropriated and original content through video collage/installation to talk about visions of utopia, liminal states, and how the past haunts the present, creating a wealth of interpretations and possible futures.

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