“Digital culture is constantly altering the definition of what it means to be a “beautiful” woman, with the worshipping and glorification of the proper thigh gap, hipbone protrusion, exaggerated collarbone, etc. The female body is relentlessly being mutilated through digital software and, as a result, the female psyche is being attacked.” Crystal Beiersdorfer sets the stage for her video piece Dept. of Cute. Dept. of Cute is part of a series that uses color, sound, and digital manipulation of the female body to show the psychologically destructive nature of comparisons and glorifications of “prettiness.”


Crystal Beiersdorfer graduated in 2015 with a BFA in Studio Arts (Photography) and a BA in Mathematics from Youngstown State University. She works in photography, video, digital art and installation to convey her ideas. Her artwork primarily deals with security, reality and how the digitized world allows for alteration of the female identity, body and psyche.