Destroy Evil | Katie Bush

Katie Bush’s Destroy Evil is an overwhelming, disarming, and mesmerizing 90’s net art inspired piece aimed at critiquing George Bush’s 2002 ‘Axis of Evil’ speech. As the viewer clicks through the site, disturbing layers of imagery (including bombs, babies, and medical procedure) emerge. When navigating through the piece, one can choose their own (evil) adventure, both linear and nonlinear. Throughout this “tasteless and inexpensive advent calendar”, a singular message permeates throughout: The Evil Has Yet To Come. 

You can view our interview with Katie here.


The Journal originally had the piece posted here, but due to recent encryption it can no longer be shown. To see the original piece, follow the link here


Known throughout the world as ‘America’s Favorite Lady’, Katie Bush is a Canadian installation artist whose work is influenced by the invisible airborne choreographies of ever-encroaching surveillance systems, widely distributed judgements of morally-upright church herds, remorseless mall stampedes & unremarkable people having sex. Her art has been featured in BoingBoing, Rhizome, The British Medical Journal, Dazed & Confused and in exhibitions & film festivals around the world since 1993.

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