If i’m gay | Corrine Manderino

If i’m gay is a series of digital collages exploring the phenomenon of young LGBTQ+ people turning to the internet as an outlet for the incredibly personal process of self-discovery. As we build our depth of understanding of the world and ourselves, we can be overwhelmed, healed, or a mixture of the two. The piece begins at ground zero, at a lack of awareness, and ends at level 6, where the experience is ready to cross from the digital world into the physical world, like a form of modern-day enlightenment.

Note: To navigate through the gallery, use left click; each collage also has vertical scrolling.



Corrine Manderino is a sophomore at the University of Richmond studying Theatre, Art, and Arts Management. She is passionate about the restorative power of art, and has recently been fascinated by the recycling of common themes across time and space. In her free time, Corrine enjoys illustration, singing, and backyard birdwatching.

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