Gideon Jacobs’ #InstaRoadTrip2016, a two week journey from New York to California made entirely on Instagram, explores the juxtaposition between “real” life and life manufactured online. Seeking to disorient the audience, his journey plays with our expectations of truth and the implied promises of reality within photography and social media. As we follow him across the country, #InstaRoadTrip2016 examines the role of photography in the digital age, explores social media’s influence on construction of identity, and unpacks our understanding of truth. Gideon Jacobs’ more recent work is available on his Instagram account, @GideonsByeBull.

Digital America interviewed Gideon about #InstaRoadTrip2016 and some of his other work on Instrgram. You can read the interview here.


Gideon Jacobs is a writer and artist, who is born, raised, and currently living in New York City. He grew up an actor, and over a decade long career, starred in films (Wet Hot American Summer, Home Alone 4, House of D), television shows (Law and Order SVU, The Education of Max BickFord) and over two hundred television commercials. After college, he worked at the photo cooperative Magnum Photos, where he was eventually named Creative Director. He left the organization to work on personal projects (#InstaRoadTrip2016, CONFESSION, Letters to Imaginary Friends), and is now is a columnist for VICE, and contributor to The Paris Review, The New Yorker, BOMB, HyperAllergic and others.