Sound Arts Richmond

For Issue no. 11 of Digital America, we’ve partnered with the Sound Arts Richmond to curate a special section of Sound Art submissions. Among them, we have the circuit-bending magic of Digital Material by Payton Baril and Caleb Gardener; 10 yrs. Later, Carrie Edinger’s walking field recordings related to a declining suburb; and Timo Kahlen’s interactive web-based sound piece, / source / (postfactual). Digital America also had the opportunity to sit down with abstract turntablist Maria Chavez for a Q+A about her avant-garde sound practice.

Digital America is excited to be holding space for digital-first sound works that use or abuse the tools of the web. We feel that this showcase of submissions represents a breath of sound art, blurring the lines between music, documentary, performance, and installation.

sound arts richmond.

/ source / (postfactual) | TIMO KAHLEN

10 yrs. Later | CARRIE EDINGER


plant whispering | IZZY PEZZULO

Maria Chavez Q + A