Transformations | Miranda Rosenblum

Miranda Rosenblum’s poetry collection, Transformations, explores the intersections of being queer in a post-internet world. Responding to contemporary themes such as online dating and gender dysphoria, Transformations is a glimpse into love, loss, and identity during the age of the internet. ::: iphone love story we were in love for…


James Lavapie’s “I LOVE MY OPPRESSOR” series explores the integration of imagery and poetry to create provocative digital collages. Through inquiry between the oppressed and the oppressor, Lavapie creates work that exposes the dynamic tension between awareness of the arbitrary and the need to adhere to it. Pieces within the…

Making Love: Poetry In Motion

Making Love: Poetry in Motion | Tal and Omer Golan

There is a random aspect to love. We can not predict who we fall in love with, where they will come from, what language they will express their affection, or how our bodies will flood with emotions. This net-artwork composes an endless love poem by reappropriating real-time tweets about love….