Miranda Rosenblum’s poetry collection, Transformations, explores the intersections of being queer in a post-internet world. Responding to contemporary themes such as online dating and gender dysphoria, Transformations is a glimpse into love, loss, and identity during the age of the internet.


iphone love story

we were in love
for a year

an easy thing
when you love the words in
more than you love each other.




girl on tinder

forever love is
to ease into each other
as the world spins madly on

a resting place.

to think
with a flick of the thumb
our life together, gone.





i’ve been carrying a boy
around in my bones

since my mother dressed me in her hand-sewn
toopinktoofrillytootight dress.
in the pictures
you can still see my tear-streaked cheeks
my fist wrapped around the matching pink purse
my clenched smile.

since my breasts began to bud, to tear
out of my chest
like flowers, like weeds
a betrayal of my body
i still haven’t forgiven.

since i’d sneak downstairs
to scroll scroll scroll
in the hazy blue-white glow
searching, longing
how to be strong
to be masculine
to be sure

i carry him still,
that boy,
deep under thick skin and
brittle bones

but sometimes
i look in the mirror
and think

that it’s him
that it’s me
staring back.





as if

as if
i was born
naked, un-molded
to be
always changing and

my body, soul
shifting and moving and pulsing
and dancing
crying and

transformed again

creating and re-
creating anew



Miranda Rosenblum is a student at the University of Richmond studying American Studies and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. On campus, they currently serve on the search committee for the new Associate Director of LGBTQ Campus Life and participate in the student government as a senator. They’ve been involved in other activism projects at UR and around the city of Richmond, notably ART 180’s Performing Statistics and the digital exhibition A Walk in Her Shoes (awalkinhershoes.org). Miranda loves listening to people’s life stories and reading/watching anything created by queer folks. Some of their favorite things are thrift store sweaters, social justice movements, and a good book. Originally from Connecticut, they currently reside in Richmond, VA.