Editors’ Note: This piece has since been removed from the journal.

There is a random aspect to love. We can not predict who we fall in love with, where they will come from, what language they will express their affection, or how our bodies will flood with emotions. This net-artwork composes an endless love poem by reappropriating real-time tweets about love. Using semantic analysis algorithms, each user’s computer randomly selects tweets to compose a unique poem. By showing us streams of love tweets from the last few seconds, Poetry In Motion reminds us that love is expressed amid the constant stream of textual consciousness–no matter how seemingly trite.


OMTA (founded 2006) represents the artistic collaboration of international media artists Tal (1981) & Omer Golan (1980). OMTA has exhibited in the US and abroad including shows at ArtZond Festival of Conceptual Art in Russia; The Hive NYC Art Space, and De-construkt Projekts Gallery in New York City; and a permanent display at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. OMTA are associate members of the Leonardo/International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology and are current contributors to university new media arts curriculums in Hong Kong, at the University of West Sydney, Tel Aviv University, and Bezalel Academy. Among other notable collaborations, the artists have worked in cooperation with Google and have completed commissioned work for Art-Link (Google Campus, Tel Aviv) and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The united duo specialises in the intersection of fine art and technology through highly visual presentations of interactive media. As forerunners in innovative research, OMTA creates artistic displays that encourage viewer participation in order to conduct studies regarding human interaction, digital mediation, and social awareness.