Backseat Moderating

It isn’t really my intention to get political in my Digital America column, because that kind of topic tends to almost immediately divide readers and force them to challenge their own personal beliefs by comparing them to those held by the men and women campaigning to represent them as elected…

Making Love: Poetry In Motion

Making Love: Poetry in Motion | Tal and Omer Golan

There is a random aspect to love. We can not predict who we fall in love with, where they will come from, what language they will express their affection, or how our bodies will flood with emotions. This net-artwork composes an endless love poem by reappropriating real-time tweets about love….

White Noise

As I hunkered down and prepared for the snowstorm that passed through Richmond last night, I decided to head over to a few of my favorite websites to save some articles for offline use in case I was to lose power. Fortunately my apartment complex managed to stay on the…