Video Art

Little Boy | Daniel Wechsler

As images and video footage of war and terror are inescapable in the Digital Age, we grow paradoxically overwhelmed and numb at the sacrifice and carnage. Little Boy abstracts the banal images of war and removes them from their time and place. We are reminded, through Wechsler’s smoldering filters, that…

“Mosaic” & “Nation Time” | Christine Lucy Latimer

Christine Lucy Latimer’s videos explore the movement between film and video, navigating the disparate quality and temporality of the two mediums. In Mosaic she uses footage of a digitally scrambled cable TV kickboxing fight, transferring the video to 16mm B&W film and printing it by hand. The digital interference creates a jittering, pulsatile rhythm…

Anxiety/Happiness | Julia Eldred

Losing Time Isolation Futile Pursuit, Part 1 Futile Pursuit, Part 2 Artist’s Statement For a video artist, my process of allowing form to follow function seems odd and slightly counter productive. I usually figure out what my art means while creating it rather than setting out with a particular purpose….