Please step out of the frame uses Super 8, a desk, and a laptop to create a playful and thoughtful visual study of the “frame-within-frame” concept and the choreography between body and screen. Hahn manipulates the zoom of her camera to dive into various layers of frames, and through various media, thus questioning the essence of manipulated images and the digitized reality incorporated in them. She writes: 

Enter frame

from your desk(top)

mistrust the manufactured image

distrust the assembled picture

give no credence to the massed account

discredit the aggregate narrative

defame the corporate chronicle

denigrate the collective annals

doubt the constructed copy

consider the clone.

accept the dismantled vision

exalt the forged now brain

subscribe to the ditto

fuel the doodad delusion

nourish the gizmo nightmare

incite the idiot box prophecy

inflame the dingbat phantasm

a film burn becoming pixels as band-aid

a manufactured reinforcement

in the empire of computer and you

feeding machine-vision

the partition of screen


See Yuwei Lin’s response to Please Step Out of The Frame here.


Karissa Hahn is a visual artist based in Los Angeles who works between film and video to accumulate a storm of ‘spectra ephemera.’ Hahn has shown around the planet Earth in various cinemas, galleries, and institutions such as the New York Film Festival, Wavelengths, Crossroads, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the Anthology Film Archives.