Lilia Levine’s piece Ruminations depicts experiences of mental angst and obsession through laser cutting and 3D printing.  Her work represents the modern anxieties women face within our nuanced (yet ubiquitous) patriarchal society by exploring language in the 21stcentury. Levine states that although we try our best to “perfect” most of our lives, our experiences will always be “untidy and imperfect.”  The artworks physical size is portable, a small 4”x6.5”x1 to mimic the mental and emotional baggage we carry around on a daily basis.


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Lilia Levine is an interdisciplinary artist and designer with an MFA in Interior Architecture from Pratt Institute. Her background in Religious Art History and Culture inspires her exploration of pattern, ritual, and intimacy in design. With a focus on 3D printing and laser cutting, she is interested in the ways in which digital fabrication can relate to our notions of meaningful design and place-making.  Originally from Massachusetts, she currently lives in Brooklyn with her dog, Scout.