Black Hole Son

Pete Burkeet | Q+A

Pete Burkeet’s piece Black Hole Son was published in Issue 12 of Digital America.  In this interview Burkeet gives us insight into his making process and inspiration behind making Black Hole Son.  He also shows us the connection between Black Hole Son and his other work like Mannequin, and Beyond Human. ::: DigA: You use multiple mediums…

Black Hole Son | Pete Burkeet

 Black Hole Son, Pete Burkeet takes the viewer on a visual rollercoaster of disastrous spectacle in American consumerism and culture.  In 1986, Ohio released 1.5 million balloons, which caused an environmental catastrophe; 16 years later at Big Boom Bay, SanDiego a 17 minute firework display exploded in less than a minute….

Saturnine Tassajara | Toban Nichols

Toban Nichols is a visual artist who works mostly in video and photography. He explores digital distortion, and the creation and destruction of an image via technology. Saturnine Tassajara takes us through a story of digital creation—utilizing camp, the glitch, and performance to talk about the possibilities of distortion through a…

REGAL | Karissa Hahn

Karissa Hahn’s REGAL is an experimental video utilizing ‘spectra ephemera’ and format transfers to create a work that is nostalgic and precise in its resolution and meaning. These tools–which involve the use of temporary color spectrums and the degradation of film to affect color–are crucial to the piece, informed largely by…