Noah Daum’s series TOGETHER provides harrowing and provocative juxtapositions of graphics and found objects to create uniquely relevant amalgamations. Utilizing these associations between “folk” and propaganda, Daum creates an American dystopian narrative that is simultaneously foreboding and nostalgic.



*TOGETHER is best viewed at full screen.


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Digital image 1—Be Together (2017)
Digital image 2—Let Us Do the Thinking For You (2017)
Digital image 3—Logo (2017)
Digital image 4—Silence is Golden (2017)
Digital image 5—Take the Pledge (2017)
Digital image 6—Together We Read (2017)
Digital image 7—We Will Always Answer (2017)
Digital image 8—Woeful People (2017)


Noah Daum is a visual artist and graphic designer currently attending Blackburn College. His interests include glitch art, punk visual art, propaganda, typography, and layout.