Christine Lucy Latimer’s videos explore the movement between film and video, navigating the disparate quality and temporality of the two mediums.

In Mosaic she uses footage of a digitally scrambled cable TV kickboxing fight, transferring the video to 16mm B&W film and printing it by hand. The digital interference creates a jittering, pulsatile rhythm that falls within a thematic lineage of video works, such as James Coleman’s Box (abhareturnabout) (1977) and Paul Pfeiffer The Long Count (2001). All three of these works explore the repetitive violence of the sport in relation to the materiality of their medium. Latimer’s video seems interested in the violence of the glitch, using film to exaggerate the unnatural feel and temporality of pixels.

Mosaic from Christine Lucy Latimer on Vimeo.

In Nation Time cell-phone video footage of exploding fireworks is processed and extended through a series of VHS feedback loops. What was once a momentary blast becomes drawn out in time, the auratic glow emphasizing the beauty of pyrotechnic light, while juxtaposing analog and digital video artifacts.

nationtime from Christine Lucy Latimer on Vimeo.


Christine Lucy Latimer is a Canadian experimental filmmaker and photographer. Her work in the past decade has been featured across 5 continents in over 150 film festivals and gallery exhibitions. She currently lives and works in Toronto.