From Robert Spahr’s series of Crufts, Digital America has chosen In Isolation (2021), Metastasize Cruft (2023), and Misdirection (Glenn Miller Disappeared) (2022).  Spahr’s Crufts, of which we only chose a small selection, are auto generated works that are fed specific Internet sources. These pieces, varying from still image to video, are not fixed: they update themselves on a regular basis, provoking thoughts on AI, generation, and its purpose in the art world. 


In Isolation Cruft (2021) – updates daily at 2:25, 5:25, 8:25, and 11:25 AM & PM EST 

click here to access the most recent iteration of In Isolation Cruft

Metastasize Cruft (2023) – updates every hour, 23 minutes past the hour.

click here to access most the recent iteration of Metastasize Cruft

Misdirection (Glenn Miller Disappeared) (2022) – updates daily at 7:17 AM EST

click here to access the most recent iteration of Misdirection (Glenn Miller Disappeared)


Digital America interviewed Robert Spahr in November 2023


Robert Spahr is a multidisciplinary visual artist who produces code-based automated art, as well as live art performance and traditional physical media. His work explores the nature of the Internet, falling into the genre of post-net art that explores the web’s impact on our society and culture. He is the Director of the School of Media Arts in the College of Arts and Media at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and has an MFA from Parson’s School of Design