Endangered Data responds to the growing concern that data which confirms anthropogenic global warming might be subject to manipulation, repression, or erasure by the Trump administration. Norman uses GIF to visualize an algorithm that preserves and transmits vulnerable data by storing it in the pixels of images, which can only be retrieved by a decryption algorithm. Endangered Data visualizes the potential catastrophes implied by the data itself, creating both metaphor and meaning through the power of image.





Zachary Norman is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator interested in the production of photographic digital images.  Norman is the co-founder of the art collective EIC. In 2016, their publication DELIBERATE OPERATIONS 3 was shortlisted for the Anamorphosis Prize and included in the Museum of Modern Art Library. Recent exhibitions of his work include: Satellite Gallery, Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX), Adds Donna (Chicago), and Present Company (NYC).