True Match (2017) is a short video piece that questions and comments on how social media functions within capitalism. Andrea Mikysková uses stock footage of the biggest cosmetics and fashion warehouses to juxtapose material products with the intangible products “sold” on social media. The piece ends in a shocking culmination, which compels the viewer to take a critical look back at the work.

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Andrea Mikysková graduated from the Supermedia Studio at the University of Art and Design in Prague and during her studies she completed an internship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and an internship at the Universität Berlin der Künste, now she lives and works in London, UK. Her work draws on the immensity of data content on the Internet and her own experience of presence in the online space. The work of Andrea Mikysková often touches on those issues of the popular visual culture associated with own identity and self-reflection in relation to fashion trends. Her videos and installations are playing with the young generation, the ubiquitous tension of the constant intersections between these “public” and the intimate spaces of individuals.