Molly O’Donnell’s Spit explores the relationship between the grotesque and the natural as it navigates the complicated relationship we have with the internet and pressing issues of sexuality, gender, and identity.  O’Donnell features an ambiguous figure (potentially human, potentially cyborg) that spits on a cellphone screen and into another’s mouth.  As O’Donnell states in her interview with Digital America, Spit elicits a “revolting yet hypnotizing reaction,” it is something that we may want to look away from, but cannot.

See our interview with Molly O’Donnell here.


Molly O’Donnell is an interdisciplinary artist based in St. Louis, MO. Molly has recently received her BFA in photography with a minor in interdisciplinary arts and art history at Lesley College of Art and Design in Boston, MA. Inspired by popular attitudes of internet culture, Molly’s work explores the role of the female gaze within the digital era. Through video, sculpture, and internet-based projects she explores how we express our sexuality, gender and identity through the pleasure and stimulation of the internet. Molly has been exhibited locally and internationally including the Boston Cyberarts Gallery in Boston MA; Patton-Malott Gallery in Aspen, CO; Landskrona Foto Festival, Landksrona, Sweden; and most recently will be exhibiting a solo exhibition at Texas Tech University this October.