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I’m not the most coordinated guy in the world, but since this past Christmas I’ve tried to make a conscience effort to eat healthy and stay active. My Fitbit has been my fitness tracker of choice since December 2014, and I keep track of my progress through their iOS app….

Let’s Play: The Shining | Norberto Gomez, Jr.

  The world of popular gaming mirrors the development of Hollywood action films: grandiose attempts at virtuality, holograms, and 3-D fantasies, with non-stop violence, misogyny, and the overuse of traditional, linear narratives and tropes. Even game trailers are difficult to decipher from those of live-action cinema. Yet, as is always…

Gaming the University of Richmond

Games of all shapes and sizes have been integral parts of society for team building, strategizing, collaborating and entertaining purposes. Students in Professor Bezio’s class at the University of Richmond used board games, video games, and game theory to examine significant concerns and issues that pertain to leadership theories and…