Editor’s note: Contact to Analog originally appeared in Issue No. 3 under the special section Re:Analog. Here is a bit more about Re:Analog:

“Re: Analog” is a new space within Digital America for content pertaining to all things analog in the digital age. As a journal we are clearly concerned with sharing content about digitalization and digital culture, particularly in American life. However, in order to do these notions justice it is important to create a space for material that combats, rejects, or marries ideas of digital culture with more “traditional” perspectives. This space is intended to add a thoughtful edge to the already critical commentary we feature on Digital America. Ideally, this area of the journal will grow and with time supply readers with an array of interesting content that provokes new insight on contemporary digital culture through an analog lens.

We’re kicking off Re: Analog with images and an ongoing piece by Nico Doreste in which he begins to express his ideas and research on the evolution of sound from the analog to the digital. New updates include an inky detour through the backstage of Modlin, the interstate, and radio to the ultimate bliss of experiencing a quality performance live. Hopefully that typewriter will be fixed soon…

– curated by Hayley Mojica-Morales (Spring 2014)